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YAK yak badge yak badge
England 1970 bis 1979 ?
Manchester Garage Ltd.
'Yak Yeoman' Geländefahrzeug

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yamaha logo yamaha logo yamaha logo
Yamaha Motor Company Limited TYO: 
7272 Japanese motorized vehicle-producing company, initially part of the Yamaha Corporation. After expanding Yamaha Corporation into the world's biggest piano maker, then Yamaha CEO Genichi Kawakami took Yamaha into the field of motorized vehicles in July 1, 1955. Yamaha Motors is the world's second largest producer of motorcycles. It also produces many other motorized vehicles such as ATVs, boats, snowmobiles, and personal watercraft.

In 2000 Toyota bought 4% of Yamaha Motor from the Yamaha Corporation, the largest shareholder in Yamaha Motor, for about $97.6 million. Yamaha and Yamaha Motor each bought 500,000 shares of Toyota stock in return.

In 2005 Yamaha announced the creation of 'Star Motorcycles', a new standalone brand name for its cruiser series of motorcycles. Although a separate brand, Star motorcyles continue to be sold in Yamaha dealerships.

More details see Wikipedia:

Yamaha Photos

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YANGZI yangzi logo
Established in December 1993 by Hong Kong Bank of China Group Investment Co., Ltd with Hong Kong Speed Co. Ltd and China Yangzi Group Co., Ltd. The joint venture company is located in Chuzhou and occupies a land area of 250.000 sqm.

Divisions include pick-up factory, truck-rebuilding factory and an R&dD institute. 809 employees are producing Toyota-alike pickup trucks and SUVs.

In April, 2005 the company was bought by ChangFeng Motors, together with Macro Link Group Ltd, a Chinese private enterprise which is active in investment, property etc. New owners plan to invest 500 million Yuan during the next three years, in order to manufacture 100,000 Yangzi models yearly and become China's pickup king.
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China Yangzi Group Co., Ltd. - 
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YEMA yema logo
Sichuan Automobile Industry Group was set up in 1994. In 2004 it was reorganized and a new plant was opened in the Chengdu Development Zone, where a new range of Isuzu-derived SUVs and pickup trucks are being manufactured under the brand name, Yema.
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Chuanqiyema - 
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YES! yes_logo linz
Funke & Will AG, Grossenhain
Deutschland 2000 bis heute
YES-Roadster (entstanden aus eine Diplomarbeit an der FH-Köln):
Reihenvierzylinder Otto-Motor, 1781 ccm, 210 kW (286 PS), 330 Nm
Abgasturbolader, Heckantrieb, vmax 264 km/h, 4.1 s für 0-100 km/h

Each YES! (an acronym for Young Engineers Sportcar) is hand assembled and built one at a time in a modern aircraft hangar on the outskirts of Dresden, Germany. The company is owned by Funke & Will AG and was formed when two engineering students at Cologne Technical University got together and decided they did not wish to complete their studies by preparing ordinary dissertations - they decided to build a car. Each YES! is built with its prospective owner’s physical and aesthetic dimensions in mind. Seat height and pedal placement are assembled to suit, and interior trim and paint schemes are quite flexible as well. Even engine output is open to discussion.

Speaking of engine output, the YES! employs a VWAG-sourced 1.8T engine tuned to produce a very healthy 280+ hp and is properly situated amidships and mated to a 5-speed transaxle. So much power in such a light vehicle should yield supercar performance, and according to YES! these expectations are fully realized – they claim the 0-62 mph sprint is accomplished in 4.2 seconds.

Mehr Infos bei Wikipedia

YES Photos

YES Links

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YIZHENG yizheng saic logo
Founded on April 1, 1999, Shanghai Yizheng Automotive Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned company of Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation.

The plant is capable of building 30,000 units of the Opel Corsa based Sabre van but plans are afoot to transfer some Shangai-VW production here.
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SAIC Group - 
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YLN yln logo linz
Taiwan / China (gebaut in Formosa) 1958 bis heute
ab 1993 Yulon
Yue Loong Motor Company Ltd., Taipeh
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YONTRAKIT yontrakit logo
Yontrakit Group was started by the Leenuthapong brothers, Khun Attaporn and Khun Attapong. The two brothers began their operations dealing with vehicles left over from World War II. This first step into the car business grew to the importing of vehicles regionally, under the operations of Asia Motors (Bangkok) Co., Ltd., the forerunner of Yontrakit Group's sales of European cars in Thailand. With their steady success over the years The Yontrakit Group, as the brothers operations became to be known, built on their success, adding businesses and brands. 

Each brand was set-up as a separate division, handling all the various aspects of each brands' operations in Thailand. In the early 1970s the Thai government in an effort to support the domestic Thai auto industry imposed heavy import duties on imported vehicles and so Yontrakit ventured into automobile assembly. By 2005 of all the various products only the Kia Carnival remained in its production line-up, as BMW set up its own assembly plant, while both PSA and the Volkswagen Group are busy honing their new ASEAN strategy.
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Yontrakit Group - 
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YORK york logo linz
USA 1905 - 1909
Cabrio 5 Sitze, 4-Zyl, 20 PS, Kardan-Antrieb
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YTO yto logo
China's biggest tractor manufacturer which is also involved in LCVs and a SUV, called DongFang.
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China Yituo Group Corp. Ltd. - 
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YUAN yuan logo
Company was set up in 1986. It has three subsidiaries: two for motorcycle parts and the third manufactures a Suzuki-based minivan since May, 2005 in partnership with DongFeng.
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Yuan China Group - 
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YLON yulon logo
Yulon has been manufacturing and marketing Nissan models in Taiwan for over 30 years. It is 25% owned by Japan's Nissan and ranks as one of Taiwan's largest carmakers. Various Nissan models are being assembled, like the March (Micra), Cefiro, and Sentra, as well as SUVs like the QX4. It sells about 75,000 cars each year. Yulon became the local Renault distributor in December, 2000. 

Renault's local partner Sanfu Motors went to the wall a couple of years earlier. Recently the Taiwanese company decided to break into China with the help of a local partner.
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Yulon Motor Taiwan - 
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YUNQUE yunque guizhou logo
The Ministry of Aero Space Industry started car production in an aircraft factory in Guizhou province in 1993 under the brand name Yunque (aka Skylark)

From 1994 the 658 cc Subaru Vivio was assembled as GHK 7070. Production numbers were very low, as there were a lot of start-up problems. Form 1994 the Yunque GHK 7080 (also sold as Huaxing YM 6390) was made in small quantities, and the GHK 7100 test model appeared in the same year. New efforts to raise the production started with the introduction of the GHK 7060A in 1998, a mini-car somewhat larger than the original GHK 7060. 

But even at the end of 2001, car production was on a very low scale in Guizhou: about 1000 units per year were made. In 2001 the GHK 7071 WOW (Wings of Wind) version appeared, using the Subaru electronic multi-point injection technology on the EN07 4 cylinder engine.

Production is still minimal, only 1282 cars were made in 2003.
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GAIC Group - 
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